Our Pouches Will Change the Way You Clean

Zero prep, low cost, and super effective.
Save space, time and money

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3 Reasons to use Meterpak


Help the environment. We use a non waste approach

Bio-based formulas for a sustainable future

Portion controlled = no waste

100% biodegradeable containers

Phosphate free

Cost Control

From shipping to training, it just saves you money.

Reduced shipping weight means less storage. There is also minimal training to use the product. Meterpak saves you money!


Just how simple is the Meterpak solution?

Our portion controlled packing dissolves in water which means it is ready in minutes for you to use!

About Meterpak

We have been manufacturing advanced cleaning products in pre-measured, water-soluble pouches since the 1980’s. Our extensive experience, expertise, and more economical pouches are why we have become the trusted partner and supplier of cleaning products for many industries, institutions, and companies.