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How to Save Your Business Time and Money When It Comes to Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning there are a lot of expenses that can slow you down from getting the job done fast while keeping training and product cost to a minimum. Here are some tips to help you save money.


Purchase Powdered Cleaners

When purchasing cleaners they can be big, bulky and can end up paying for a lots of water. When you are looking for cleaners, make sure that you go for powdered solutions, this way you get more cleaner and save on storage space. A lot of cleaners will come pre-mixed, but save yourself the chore of having to carry around large volumes of liquid and go for the more efficient cleaning powders.


Look For Biodegradable Pre-measured Pouches

When ordering a jug of cleaner, it can be difficult, time consuming, and wasteful to try and get the right mix of solution. Look for Pre-measured Biodegradable Pouches which will dissolve as soon as you put them into water. This way, there is no time wasted in preparing cleaning solutions and it’s ready to use.


Buy In Bulk

The more you buy, the more value you get. Look for commercial grade cleaners that sell in volume. You’ll save more per unit, and get a lot of value.


With these tips, you’ll be saving your business money in no time. Please share some of your own ways your business saves money “cleaning up”.