Zero Prep, Just Drop and Go! – Meterpak

Zero Prep, Just Drop and Go!

Cleaning has never been easier

Our cleaners come in pre-measured water soluble pouches. Zero prep time, just drop in water, mix, and it's ready to use!

Save on storage and transport. Our pouch system makes sure you only pay for cleaner, not water. This way, you'r not taking up valuable shelf space.

We make cleaning easy for business and commercial use. Save on time and money working with us.




Great for the enviroment
We make sustainable, eco friendly products. Our cleaners are good for the environment. We love being green and making a difference every time our products are used.
Drop, Mix, and Go!
Our cleaning products come in tiny packets that pack a lot of punch. Who says cleaning products have to be big, heavy, and time consuming to mix.
No mess, no fuss
Once you drop our pouch in water, that's it! No waste, no packaging to discard. Our products are completely water soluble which means zero cleanup when you're done.