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#132 Neutralizer-Conditioner

Neutralizer Conditioner is used as a rinse water additive to neutralize and remove alkaline residue after floor stripping. It eliminates dulling and hazing so finishes look better and last longer. It also conditions the floor for more effective sealing and finishing. As an odor counteractant, #132 Neutralizer Conditioner neutralizes most odors on hard floors and grout. It will remove shampoo residue and brown water spots from carpets, as well as the white residue left by some ice melters. It works great in the winter on removing salt stains on automotive carpets! Use wherever excess alkalinity is a problem. Packaged in recyclable cartons.


Product Description

SKU Quantity Container Shipping Weight
132-15-150 Qty 150 x ½ oz pouch In Recycled Cartons 5lbs


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