#331 Premium Laundry Detergent – Meterpak

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#331 Premium Laundry Detergent

SKU Quantity Container Shipping Weight
331-35-100 Qty 100 x 1.2 oz pouch In Recycled Cartons 8lbs
33110-35-250 Qty 250 x 1.2 oz pouch In Recyclable Pails 22lbs

Product Description

Our #331 is our premium laundry detergent designed with safe bleach and enzymes for maximum cleaning and brightening. This laundry contains “safe bleach” additive to protect clothes while keeping them their brightest, as well as an enzyme blend to target and attack difficult protein based stains. Use one pouch for 18-20lbs of laundry. Packaged in recyclable pails, tubs and cartons.