#110 Neutral Cleaner

SKU Package Qty/Size Container Shipping Weight
110-15-150 150 x ½ oz pouch In Recyclable Cartons 5lbs
11020-15-360 4 x 90 x ½ oz pouch In Recyclable Tubs 15lbs


Bring back the shine to your high-gloss floors—without having to strip and re-wax. The #110 Neutral formula loosens and removes soil found in high-traffic areas, while protecting high-gloss finishes. Our rinse-free formula contains no phosphates and leaves no dulling film. The pre-measured packs of cleaning solution take the guesswork out of mixing chemicals. Just drop a pouch in the bucket with the appropriate amount of water and go. Ideal for all types of floor surfaces ranging from terrazzo, marble, slate, vinyl and vinyl asbestos, asphalt, ceramic and quarry tile. Packaged in recyclable cartons.


Tech Data

#110 Neutral Cleaner


SDS – #110 Neutral All-Purpose Cleaner