#161 Multi-Purpose Cleaner Deodorizer

SKU Package Qty/Size Container Shipping Weight
161-15-150 150 x ½ oz pouch In Recyclable Cartons 5lbs
16120-15-360 4 tubs x 90 x ½ oz pouch In Recyclable Tubs 15lbs
261-10-150 150 x 1/3 oz pouch In Recyclable Cartons 4lbs
261-10-100 4 tubs x 25 x 1/3 oz pouch In Recyclable Tubs 3lbs


This highly concentrated formula is designed for tough cleaning jobs on any washable surface. It is extremely useful for cutting through grease and oil commonly found in industrial settings, while remaining gentle enough to wash surfaces in offices. Our #161 is simple to use in both the gallon size and spray size. Just put the pouch into the desired container and add the appropriate amount of water. There is no guesswork, “glugging”, or overusing the product. Packaged in recyclable cartons and tubs.

Tech Data

#161-261 Multi-Purpose Cleaner Deodorizer


SDS – #161 Multi-Purpose Cleaner