Our Products Make a Difference

Meterpak uses bio based, sustainable, eco friendly materials for its products. We don’t just make powerful cleaning products, we make a difference for the environment.

Environmental Pledge

Since the inception of the Meterpak system in the mid eighties, the inherent “green” qualities have always been evident. Because our pouch packaging completely dissolves in water, there is nothing to throw out. As well, our outer packaging is 100% completely recyclable leaving nothing to go to the landfill.

Meterpak strives to use biobased, raw materials wherever possible in it’s formulations. The use of natural bio-based materials as an alternative over synthetics is important because such materials are biodegradable, renewable, have minimal environmental impact, and reduce our dependence on petroleum.

True environmental sustainability goes much farther than advertising a trendy logo or green coloured package. Meterpak pushes past our competition by re-thinking and producing new formulations to minimize the strain on our environment, while keeping superior cleaning performance. A “green” cleaner that requires three times as much product to work, is not a savings to the environment or to your pocketbook